Innovating Case Management

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New Dawn Technologies is wholly owned by the Daily Journal Corporation. In addition to New Dawn, the Daily Journal portfolio includes case management software providers Sustain Technologies and ISD Corporation. Together, these three companies join forces to build on our combined successes as case management software solutions innovators.

Signing a purchase agreement with New Dawn, ISD or Sustain is a handshake and an agreement to a partnership for life. As our companies work out the intricate details of merging, our message is clear: we will provide a clear path forward for all of our clients under the Daily Journal umbrella, regardless of current technology platform or product owned, i.e. JustWare, eCourt, CASE, JusticeEdition, etc.

New Dawn, Sustain and ISD offer integrated case management software solutions, including cloud-based data storage, document automation, report generation, online payments, public access solutions and more so that justice professionals serving disparate case types and jurisdictions of all sizes have a single solution to best fit their needs.