New Dawn Technologies Announces New Leadership

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New Dawn Technologies announces new leadership with Frank Felice as President.

New Dawn Technologies acquired by Daily Journal, announces new leadership

New Dawn Technologies has been strategically acquired by the Daily Journal Corporation and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the news organization.

Frank A. Felice has been named President of the Logan, Utah-based company. Felice was the first person Thomas P. Higgins, former CEO and President, hired and brings more than 20 years of experience in the public safety and justice software industry.

“We feel confident that this new opportunity will allow us to continue to take care of our customers and look forward to leveraging and expanding our reach,” said Felice. “I am very excited about this acquisition.”

New Dawn will continue to provide the superior customer support and service it has been known for since incorporation in 1996. New Dawn leadership worked closely with the Daily Journal Corporation on the acquisition and was advised by Cascadia Capital, LLC.

The Daily Journal Corporation is a legal publishing leader. The Daily Journal Corporation has served the California justice community for many decades through its publication of the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals as well as the California Lawyer magazine—currently distributed to nearly 150,000 attorneys in California. The chairman of the board for the Daily Journal Corporation is Charles Munger.

New Dawn Technologies has been serving communities worldwide for more than 16 years by providing leading edge web-based case management software, public access software, and data sharing solutions for every type of government justice agency.

By developing smart technologies, New Dawn also builds strong communities. New Dawn Technologies serves government customers—from criminal courts to specialty, civil, and municipal courts; attorneys general and county prosecutors to public defenders; community corrections and probation to child, family, and health services. New Dawn’s JustWare | Solution Suite is scalable and flexible enough to use in a single agency or in a large, multi-agency project spanning several states.

For more information on New Dawn Technologies or to schedule a personalized online demonstration, visit us online: You may also wish to follow us on Twitter (@newdawntech), Instagram (@newdawntech), Google+ ( and like us on Facebook (

Jessica is New Dawn’s marketing and communications manager. She has focused exclusively on marketing to and supporting the justice community for the past 9 years. When she’s not at work, she’s working on an MBA, crossfitting, skiing, and cooking. She’s passionate about customer service, employee engagement, and social media.

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