Cloud-Based, Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you do not have servers or resources to take care of your servers, let New Dawn provide our case management solution via our software as a service (SaaS) system. Our private, cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) solution provides complete and secure case management functionality via our secure servers. We provide and maintain the servers, provide all database and server software, manage all backups, and conduct all hardware and server software updates.

Customer cost


Government agencies choose New Dawn’s cloud-based case management solutions because:

Cost savings compared to a traditional model: A hosted solution provides a considerable cost savings compared to a traditional on-premise model. It eliminates server acquisition and maintenance costs, technical support personnel resources, and even third party software costs.

You own your data: You own and maintain your data; we just make it easy for you to collect, use, and share it with whomever you designate.

One size fits all: Historically, our case management solution’s enterprise-level functionality and cost were barriers for many small agencies and courts. Now our subscription-based cost model allows even the smallest agencies to take advantage of a powerful solution used by many larger agencies and courts.

State-of-the-art case management solution and professional services: Our cloud-based (SaaS) case management solutions do not utilize expensive and archaic thin-client software, or an inefficient, browser “wrapper” on old technology. One of the greatest benefits of our subscription hosting model is that New Dawn’s technical resources will act as your technical resources and will provide all the services required to have a successful implementation (training, project management, document and report creation), to back up your database and documents, and to maintain your server and provide software updates on all secure servers.

Full service implementation: New Dawn has an amazing record of customer retention, retaining over 98% of our customers over the last 15 years. We provide a quality implementation that includes onsite training, template and report setup, rapid support, and more. Every hosted project includes this full-service offering to ensure that your agency or court takes full advantage of your case management solution.

Security, redundancy, and peace of mind: Serving your constituency includes protecting their data and privacy. With the increasing cost and complexity of maintaining data security, and the difficulty of protecting equipment from loss or theft, you need a solution designed with a core foundation of security, and a solution provider that maintains it. We will monitor uptime, temperature, network function, and bandwidth usage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Speed, performance, and security (including full data encryption) are top priorities. Our secure software infrastructure is matched by secure servers and facilities to house your information.

Focus on your core mission: With a hosted solution and no hardware to manage, agencies and IT staffs are freed from the expense and worry of infrastructure procurement, maintenance, and upgrades. When you trust your provider, you focus on your core mission and better server your constituency.

Reduce your cost of ownership and eliminate capital expenditures: Our subscription model means you eliminate large capital equipment expenditures and technical labor resource requirements to city council or county commissioners. Small agencies and courts can more easily justify the expense in a hosted environment.

Implement and go-live quickly: We provide and maintain the hardware, database, and operating system software, allowing you to implement and go-live quickly, rather than having to wait for server and networking providers to set up equipment.

All software and upgrades included to ensure success: Our hosted and full service model includes not only the hardware and networking infrastructure to ensure success, but also includes required Microsoft SQL Server database licenses, integration software, Microsoft Windows licensing, and our cloud-based case management solution upgrades for an affordable monthly, quarterly, or annual fee.

Constant, smaller upgrades: Our hosted model and development methodology are constantly getting improved features, enhancements and overall application experience. This comes in the form of consistent minor enhancements, suggested by you and your peers, that add up over time, instead of large patches and upgrades that cost you time and money to implement.