Web Services Based API

New Dawn Technologies offers an Application Programming Interface (API) for our case management software solutions, allowing customers with development resources to evolve their case management implementation, create robust integration to third party applications, and develop their own standards-based interfaces. Like most APIs, the API includes detailed documentation for each software version release, coding examples, and full development access to the most powerful case management solution on the market today.


Government agencies choose our API solution because it is:

Web service based: Because the data from the API also goes through the business layer, all validation, security, and workflow will be executed as if the data was inside the client.

Tightly integrated with the web tier: With the API, you can take advantage of your existing business rules, workflow rules, and security model. The client application communicates with the web tier using a set of API methods exposed through the client API web service. These methods provide all the special functions required for the client to query and update data based on XML screen definitions, as well as client-specific user settings and caching mechanisms.

A great solution for third-party developers:
If you work with contract developers, the API is an excellent solution to meet your integration requirements. If you would like a list of New Dawn approved API developers, contact us today. If you are an integration development contractor or firm and would like to find out more about our API certification program, contact us for more information.