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Municipal courts are often the only justice system seen by many residents in our cities and towns. Many of the people you see each day will never appear in another court. You serve your community and we want to serve you. At New Dawn Technologies, we have created court case management software to help you serve your community in a more efficient way. Whether you are a judge, court clerk, or cashier, JustWare | Municipal Court—court software developed with municipal courts in mind—will help you manage information in a way that saves time and taxpayer dollars.

Work Efficiency

Municipal courts are tasked with managing a high volume of cases. JustWare automates many of your repetitive tasks, such as creating reports, generating documents, and inputing data.

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Calendars & Dockets

JustWare provides tools to help you easily create and manage dockets, organize your calendar, and receive alerts and reminders, ensuring you don’t forget anything important.

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Reporting Key Data

JustWare seamlessly merges reporting and case management software for your municipal court. View reports on your screens, build new reports, and use reports to get grants.

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Meet specific needs

Instead of changing your case management process, JustWare can be configured to handle any of your needs.

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Organize Information

JustWare stores and quickly retrieves any case- or name-related data and documents through enter-it-once efficiency, name and case screens, and virtual filing cabinet.

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Share Data

Data sharing is a critical function for every municipal court. JustWare enables you to share data using custom interfaces and provide view-only access to select data.

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Secure Information

To ensure data security, JustWare | Municipal Court uses extensive security tools, including user-based permissions, as well as data partitioning and auditing.

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Track Financials

Use JustWare to track all your financial information based on government GAAP standards for assessing, collecting, and disbursing funds relative to events and activities.

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